Veronica NerojVeronica Neroj
Yiannis is an excellent driving instructor, he is a natural teacher and teaches in a very thoughtful, clear and concise way. He was always extremely patient and kind with me, always taking the time to help me with specific issues, no matter how silly they seemed or how long they took to practice. I had very low confidence in my ability to drive, and Yiannis not only taught me how to drive a car safely, he also helped me gain the confidence that I needed to pass my driving test. I can't recommend Yiannis enough, he is a brilliant instructor and will definitely do his utmost best to help you learn how to drive safely and confidently!

Kate LaceyKate Lacey
Passed First Time
I had lessons with Yiannis from Jan 2020 to now (June 2020). Passed today first time with 2 minors. The lessons were always super productive and Yiannis was professional, easy to get along with and always found another way to explain something to me if I struggled. Can’t recommend enough - thank you Yiannis!

Awuoi Mcbullen GeuAwuoi Mcbullen Geu
I passed my driving test all thanks to Yiannis, he was a patient and encouraging teacher. He found a way to make learning to drive fun and not stressful. He tries to find ways to make everything simple and works on your weaknesses. He was always in a good mood and put me at ease when I became nervous/anxious or lost confidence when I found driving hard. I would absolutely recommend Yiannis to anyone out there, he will get you test ready! Thank you Yiannis!

Scott Johnson Corney Scott Johnson Corney
Yiannis is a great driving instructor. He explained everything extremely clearly and made lessons enjoyable. He challenged me so that although I always felt comfortable, I was improving from every lesson. He taught me above and beyond the skills needed to pass my test, so that I was the best driver I could be. I would highly recommend him and greatly appreciate his help.

Ani Batikian Ani Batikian
Yiannis is a very friendly and patient driving instructor. It's been fun learning with him. I passed my test successfully with his help. Yiannis taught me how to be a safe and considerate driver. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Nadya MillsNadya Mills
Thank you so much for being such an incredible driving teacher. I really mean that and I am so grateful for everything you have taught me, your patience and the huge amount of effort you put into every lesson. Continue helping & inspiring other new drivers. Warmest regards, Nadya.

Nonka KotevaNonka Koteva
I had Yiannis as second driving instructor. He was really friendly and helpful and would definitely recommend him. I passed and I’m so happy!

Norine Evangelista Norine Evangelista
Yiannis is a highly competent instructor. His calm approach comes with full firm commitment: He knows exactly what his student needs. He takes time to explain the theoretical side of driving in a way that is easy to grasp. Above all, he is the best motivator. I can say that Yiannis has gone above and beyond to help me pass my test, for I have achieved more than a driving license as more importantly I gained the confidence I needed and skills that makes me a better road user. If there is more superlative of the word best, then that is to describe Yiannis as an instructor. I had fun learning and I have been recommending Yiannis to others ever since I had my first few lessons with him. This is an attestation of his great work! Many thanks Yiannis 😊

Madeleine HerambMadeleine Heramb
I would highly recommend Yiannis, especially if you like me are a bit nervous about driving. He designs each lesson to suit your personal needs, and is happy to explain in a number of ways to ensure your understanding. He has been very supportive and helpful though my time with him. As well as improving my confidence in myself and my driving and my understanding of a car. I have really enjoyed my time with Yiannis, and would not recommend anyone else! Thank you very much for all the help, it is highly appreciated🌞

Louis Bioletti Louis Bioletti
Yiannis is one of the best driving instructors around, he deals with all situations perfectly and makes sure you properly understand everything when driving on the road. He prepared me for my test so well, giving me the best chance of passing straight away. I always felt completely safe in the car with Yiannis, and never like he put any pressure on me, he just helped me to be the safest driver I could be. I would highly recommend him to any learner. Thank you very much for your teaching, I’m having a brilliant time driving the Mini.

George HallGeorge Hall
I had a great experience learning with Yiannis. He is very helpful and always says the right things to maximise your understanding of new learning. Helpful visual explanations with a mini whiteboard have really helped build a concrete knowledge of my learning too. Yiannis is funny, very easy to get on with and is also very flexible and easy going when it comes to arranging lessons and being adaptable to your plans and needs etc. There is always a genuine feeling that Yiannis has your own best interests at heart and without doubt wants you to progress the best way possible. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with Yiannis and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of learning to drive. Thank you Yiannis 👍🏼

Edgar Chekera Edgar Chekera
Best driving instructor I’ve had so far. His approach to teaching facilitated my development and growth as a learner and now an able driver. His focus is not only on getting you to pass but to also be the safest and confident driver possible. He provided different resources (including a small whiteboard) that helped hammer important points to help with my driving. From having other instructors before, Yiannis was the one who gave me the support and understanding to pass my test!

Alexander AntonarakisAlexander Antonarakis
Yiannis is the driving instructor you've dreamed of! He took me from an experienced driver with many faults to a careful, safe and considerate driver within a couple lessons, passing the driving test on a manual car with flying colours. Yiannis is very patient but appropriately firm. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and truly cares about you and your driving. He will iron out your faults, and will make safe driving a part of your nature. With his love and care, you will emerge a confident, safe, and courteous driver. Yiannis is simply the best.

Zsuzsa OzgaZsuzsa Ozga
Yiannis is an excellent instructor; in fact he’s the best out of the 4 instructors I’ve had experience with. He tailors all your lessons to your individual learning needs and he is very flexible in his teaching methods in order to find the approach that is the most effective for YOU. His enthusiasm and patience will get you through the learning process with ease, in which he involves you actively hence achieving maximum confidence in your driving ability. He makes sure not only that you build your confidence up while learning how to drive, but also and more importantly that you become a safe and courteous driver. In summary, Yannis will make sure that all those skills of a confident, safe and courteous driver that are much needed on any road become second nature to you in the shortest period of time possible. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

Mat GarlandMat Garland
Passed 1st time
I highly recommend Yiannis for helping me pass 1st time! Yiannis was always friendly and clear in our lessons. He always took care to help me focus on what I needed to learn next and to adapt his style to what worked best for me. Thanks Yiannis!!

Simon MartinezSimon Martinez
Passed 1st time
I highly recommended Yiannis for your Driving Lesson. I took the lessons with him and passed the test with only 3 minors. He is not just going to teach you all that you need to pass the test, also, they will teach you how to be confident and good driver. For excellent and friendly instructor, call Yiannis.

Hermon Zerabruk Hermon Zerabruk
I'd like to say thank you to Yainnis for the great experience in teaching me to drive, from the initial phone conversation all the way thought o the test. He made me feel at ease and confident when driving regardless of how frustrated I got with myself he got me through it and explained everything perfectly, a credit to the him and would highly recommend Yiannis to friends and colleagues. thank you again for being patient and for building my confident.........

Nick AyreNick Ayre
I cannot thank Yiannis enough for what he has helped me achieve. When I first spoke to him and explained that I'm a nervous wreck and so anxious about driving, he was fantastic and so reassuring. He's helped me achieve something that I never thought I would be able to achieve. Before I got in his car, even the thought of driving would make me panic. He's helped me overcome this and he has got me through my test with only 3 minors. Yiannis, along with the LDC team are brilliant. He is such an amazing instructor and a real credit to LDC. Thanks so much. Nick Ayre.

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