Zsuzsa OzgaZsuzsa Ozga
Yiannis is an excellent instructor; in fact he’s the best out of the 4 instructors I’ve had experience with. He tailors all your lessons to your individual learning needs and he is very flexible in his teaching methods in order to find the approach that is the most effective for YOU. His enthusiasm and patience will get you through the learning process with ease, in which he involves you actively hence achieving maximum confidence in your driving ability. He makes sure not only that you build your confidence up while learning how to drive, but also and more importantly that you become a safe and courteous driver. In summary, Yannis will make sure that all those skills of a confident, safe and courteous driver that are much needed on any road become second nature to you in the shortest period of time possible. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

Mat GarlandMat Garland
Passed 1st time
I highly recommend Yiannis for helping me pass 1st time! Yiannis was always friendly and clear in our lessons. He always took care to help me focus on what I needed to learn next and to adapt his style to what worked best for me. Thanks Yiannis!!

Simon MartinezSimon Martinez
Passed 1st time
I highly recommended Yiannis for your Driving Lesson. I took the lessons with him and passed the test with only 3 minors. He is not just going to teach you all that you need to pass the test, also, they will teach you how to be confident and good driver. For excellent and friendly instructor, call Yiannis.

Hermon Zerabruk Hermon Zerabruk
I'd like to say thank you to Yainnis for the great experience in teaching me to drive, from the initial phone conversation all the way thought o the test. He made me feel at ease and confident when driving regardless of how frustrated I got with myself he got me through it and explained everything perfectly, a credit to the him and would highly recommend Yiannis to friends and colleagues. thank you again for being patient and for building my confident.........

Nick AyreNick Ayre
I cannot thank Yiannis enough for what he has helped me achieve. When I first spoke to him and explained that I'm a nervous wreck and so anxious about driving, he was fantastic and so reassuring. He's helped me achieve something that I never thought I would be able to achieve. Before I got in his car, even the thought of driving would make me panic. He's helped me overcome this and he has got me through my test with only 3 minors. Yiannis, along with the LDC team are brilliant. He is such an amazing instructor and a real credit to LDC. Thanks so much. Nick Ayre.

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